Take a look at what some of the amazing women who have trained with me have to say.  These are a combination of current My Fit Mumma clients and those who trained with me previously at The HIIT Fix (2016-2018)

Fitness for mums

Leah Geard

Mum of 3 (My Fit Mumma)

Sheridan offers awesome post partum classes with nannies on site for childcare. Great for easing back into exercise after having Bub! I was lucky enough to do a term with her after I had Nina. She is also just a lovely person that genuinely cares about her clients

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Jess Burt

Mum of 1 (My Fit Mumma)

My Fit Mumma is excellent. Sheridan is so thorough in her planning for each individual to safely return to exercise after having a baby. Sheridan is not the usual 'go hard or go home' trainer who yells, rather, she is patient and thoughtful. Her priority is safety and she takes the time to tailor the program to suit each individual's needs. I really needed something for 'me' and this is guilt free because the child care staff are in the same room as the exercise. So no mum guilt about leaving bub with a stranger like at some gyms. You're right there, bub is right there and the child care staff are absolutely fantastic with the kids. I honestly couldn't recommend My Fit Mumma more highly.

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Esther Hoggart

Mum of 2 (The HIIT Fix)

I love working out at The HIIT Fix! Sheridan is fantastic, prioritising form over reps, making sure you're always pushing to achieve your best in a safe environment. Kid friendly sessions are very well catered for; it's the first place I've been confident enough to bring my girls along. 

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Mum of 3 (My Fit Mumma client)

The HIIT Fix is a great place to get fit! Sheridan is lovely & makes everyone feel very welcome. I joined 2 months ago, not having exercised for several years...now I'm feeling stronger, happier, have more energy & a lot less back pain!

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Georgie Chilcott

Mum of 1 (The HIIT Fix)

Sheridan you’ve made a huge and very important difference to my mental health + outlook on life ~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart x I know whatever you do next will be just as successful.

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April Leppard

Mum of 2 (The HIIT Fix)

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to Sheridan for everything you have done for us and the fantastic atmosphere you created and opportunity you have given to us all.  I think I speak for all of us when I say you have had a huge, positive impact on our health and happiness.  So many thanks and much love to you Sheridan, glad it’s not really goodbye!

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Emily Halliday

Mum of 2 (The HIIT Fix)

I’ve NEVER enjoyed working out as much as I do at the HIIT Fix, so inviting, friendly, encouraging and fun...will be so hard to beat 😢 Thank you Sheridan for providing this for us for as long as you have. Wishing you all the best for your new venture which I know you will kick butt at!!!