Collaboration over Competition

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Body Beyond Baby Affiliate Team

Collaboration over competition is an obvious choice for me and the future of My Fit Mumma. It allows me to surround myself with a team of like-minded professionals who share a common goal. We are open to learning from each other and understand that together, we are stronger.

I choose collaboration over competition because;

1. It means placing the interests of the people I want serve as my top priority. In this case, making sure mums are well looked after on their pre and post natal exercise journey.

2. It means reaching out to and working with allied health professionals who can best support my clients and provide expertise or services that I can not. For example, referring mums to local Women's Health Physiotherapists who are familiar with my classes is key to gaining the best possible outcome. This component of my business provides me with the reassurance that I am programming my sessions to best suit each individual mum.

3. It means supporting and working with other businesses with who I share a common goal. 2 brains are better than 1 and when you start brainstorming and sharing ideas with like minded people, the sky is the limit in terms of creativity and the opportunities we create within our businesses.

4. It means support for me and, in turn, my business. Putting yourself out there and exposing your work for criticism and potential rejection is hard. Collaborating with others has encouraged me to take risks I may not have otherwise taken. I liken it to having a safety net that makes taking those first few scary steps less daunting.

I have somewhere to turn for guidance in the challenging times or to celebrate my wins, no matter how great or small. An important distinction to make is these are people who "get it" and can relate to situations that even your closest family and friends can not fully appreciate (although they may try)

5. It means I have many people who I can turn to and rely upon to provide sound advice and guidance. A collaborative approach means we get to pool our knowledge and experience as we strive to build better businesses and serve more mums. Within the Body Beyond Baby team we have access to monthly professional development in our specialty area and so I am continually up-skilling and learning more about supporting mums in their return to exercise.

6. Perhaps most importantly, collaboration fosters healthy relationships and new friendships. By joining forces, helping each other and contributing to each other's success, relationships flourish.

A competitive mindset only serves to put distance between us and none of the above can be achieved. Competition takes the focus off evolving and bettering our services to meet the needs of our client base.

Together, the Body Beyond Baby affiliate team, are a movement rather than a single voice and our message is spread far wider. Collectively we are louder, we lift each other up and as a result we can help so many more mums on their pre and postnatal journey.

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