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Sheridan Wakefield

My name is Sheridan, founder of My Fit Mumma.  As a passionate anti-diet culture advocate, a weight neutral, non-diet approach to exercise is a core value of my work.  I believe that the pressure mum’s feel to “lose the baby weight”  or "bounce back" is an extremely harmful result of diet culture. So often a woman's feelings of self-worth are heavily influenced by her body image and the impact this can have on her self-esteem during an already vulnerable time in her life is far reaching.  

The unrealistic expectation for women to look as though they have never had a baby can sometimes be a driving force behind wanting to return to exercise as quickly as possible.  It is important to understand though that the postnatal period is forever and a safe return to exercise does extend far beyond the 6-week post natal check. In fact, this is just a starting point and not a “green light” to simply return to life, including exercise, as per “normal"

I help teach women about the important, yet often overlooked steps to build a strong foundation from the inside out. In taking the time to do this, Mums of any age and stage can exercise, enjoy the sports and activities they love or just move freely to meet the demands of every day life with confidence.  Without pain, fear of injury or incontinence.  I believe working closely with a Women's Health Physiotherapist is a key component in achieving this.

I am currently taking some time away from offering face to face services to undertake a new role educating other fitness professionals working with Mums as a Safe Return to Exercise Master Trainer.   I'll also be using this time for further study and professional development so that I can better support future clients using a Health at Every Size® framework.  I want to ensure that any services I offer moving forward fully encompass these principles and support size diversity. 


My story...

I am a mum to my 9 year old daughter plus a fluffy fur child labradoodle. Prior to joining the fitness industry I had a career as a high school Health and PE teacher spanning over 10 years. 


In 2015, almost 3 years into motherhood, I launched my first business The HIIT Fix and as my all female client base grew so to did my desire to expand my knowledge about exercising safely during pregnancy and beyond. I became an accredited MumSafe™️ Trainer in 2018 and My Fit Mumma was born.  2021 has presented a brand new and exciting opportunity as I move into educating other fitness professionals working with mums as a Safe Return to Exercise Master Trainer.  



If you are a fitness professional interested in completing your Safe Return to Exercise accreditation, head here.  If you would like my top 3 tips for exercising safely as a Mum, head here